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New Digs…..I LOVE IT!

Returning home in late June from the US where I moved my mother across the state of Florida, I then faced doing the same for myself…packing up and moving from the house I’ve lived in for almost 6 years, to a smaller and more manageable condominium in the Boquete Country Club.  I actually bought the place in early February, but had to do a renovation (even though it was brand new, never lived in before)…because, that’s what I do!!   It turned out to be fabulous, and I finally moved in July 20.   Here are some photos:

My building is on the left

This is how the building materials came in

There’s a back yard, so we began preparing for the garden with a bamboo privacy fence

A round patio was built in the center, and pathways designed around it

We tore out the old kitchen and chiseled LOTS of concrete

Everything had to be removed, even those concrete toe kicks on the floor

Notice the line showing the low profile of the old cabinets

The solid concrete ceilings required me to run lighting and 220 for air conditioners, and then drop a drywall ceiling 6″ below that

Water filtration was added outside the kitchen, and air conditioner/dehumidifiers in the living room and bedroom

Ceiling drywall continued

Adding a big drain pipe to take water away from my terrace

Hmmm…what to do about those cars right outside the windows?

A space gobbling laundry sink had to come out

Lots of holes in concrete to repair broken pipes and stuff

New kitchen cabinets were being built nearby from teak wood

Master bedroom closets were NOT going to hold all my stuff!

New floor pad for bigger closets, and wires for hanging TV chiseled in the walls

Taller closets take shape, big mirror and TV installed….all in the master bedroom

Painting begins…lovely shades of grey

New kitchen begins to come in

Shoji Screens…solution for those windows looking out at the cars!

The shoji screen wrap all the way around into the foyer

3 sets of sliding glass doors turned out to be inadequate and had to be replaced

Doors in living room, and both bedrooms had to be totally replaced

Due to no gutters 4 stories up, my new garden began to become a lake

And the wind below rain onto my terrace without gutters…and the wind was very strong

A glass wall solved the wind and some water problems on the terrace

At my expense, gutters were installed on the roof 4 floors above me to manage the rain and keep my garden from being destroyed

OOPS….more destruction of walls all along the way to fix leaks and bad stuff

A new glass wall went in behind what will soon be a beautiful metal art fountain

Hole for fountain was wired for electricity

Meanwhile, my neighbors were totally unaffected by the goings on inside

Toilets had to bed raised

Metal cabinets were built to provide storage and hide the water filters on the terrace

THEN….the movers came!   Downsizing is no fun….and, I had to leave some things in the house for my tenant, since we do not close on the sale until January 3rd.   So in the meantime, keeping up the house (and paying for it) is my responsibility.   I’ve got a wonderful woman and her little dog living there and taking care of everything for me……moving was no picnic, but luckily I had the world’s BEST moving company….. Panama International Packers and their wonderful guys.

Everything was packed well and protected

Valentino was so careful with my precious stuff

NOW…’s time to see the totally finished product….after 6 months of renovation (yes, of a totally new, never-lived-in-before, condo) and every penny I could get my hands on….it’s finally over.   I’m living here and LOVING it!   It was totally worth it.  Of course, there is no one living on either side of me or above me, so part of what I love (VERY QUIET) could change when neighbors move in.   But for now, everything is perfect!    The drier climate is great for my lungs and I have a chiropractor living right across the street so my back is very happy.

NOW…..enjoy the finished project…it took 5 months to complete!

Entrance from the lobby

Entrance to Living Room

Dining room area with seating for 6

Fountain In the Hole

Now THIS is a kitchen I can enjoy

Bedroom is comfy

NOW..lots of closet space

Downsized from 2 guest rooms and an office to 1 guest room that is also the office

Nice guest bathroom facilities

And…finally I’m able to entertain

And the gardens, drainage and gutters are finished and all is right with the world!   OH YEAH!  Did I mention????   I had to tear out the entire garden to install a very serious drainage system under the entire property to carry the water out to the canyon…. check this post for those photos and story.  CONTROL THAT WATER!


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