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Getting 2012 Started

2012 started with a bang and the annual Bid4Boquete Charity Auction.   This amazing event began the year I moved here with a few people gathering in the garden of the Panamonte Inn to raise money for a worthy cause.   In the 6 years since then it has grown to a multi-day event that this year raised $67,000 to benefit 4 local charities.   Included in those is our spay and neuter clinic for animals that has processed over 3,000 cats and dogs (do the math)….also our Buenos Vecinos (Good Neighbors) de Boquete which feeds over 100 elderly and handicapped individuals who need help.   These are just a few of the amazing volunteer efforts that go to improving our lives here and the lives of our fellow Panamanians.   That’s what makes Boquete so special.   This year, I joined the group selling food as part of the fundraiser, at the Sunday Ventas de Patio (Patio Sale).  Check out this amazing event at

Me and my fellow foodies

Other stuff going on….check out this local artist who decided to carve an art piece into a tree by the side of the road.

My cousin Joy has finally moved here from Las Vegas after 5 years of trying to get her house sold there and retire from the casino world.   On Mother’s Day we celebrated together with lunch at Valle Escondido, with friends Peter and Fran.

I am not artistic, and can’t draw a straight line with a ruler…..but our local Boquete ArtWorks group of talented artists held some classes and one appealed to me…so I signed up.   It teaches something called Tangling….check it out at ZenTangles and Tangle Patterns.   They are organized doodles created in a 3.5″ x 3.5″ square using black ink pen.   You can also color them but I’m not up to that yet.   I was amazed at my first try, and at how much I love doing this.   Here I am at class, and with my first efforts at this…..I LOVE doing this!  It’s a meditation.

My first 2 Zentangles


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