Posted by: pennyinparadise | May 28, 2012

I’m Getting A Dog!

I got my first Boston Terrier at age 12…his name was Winnie.   My mom got one when I was in my 20’s….her name was Becky.    I got my second one when I was about 38 and married to David Ripple, who named him Killer.   Killer lived with David after we divorced (he had a house…I lived in an apartment), and died at age 13.    Since then I had one other dog, named Zap (short for Zapadora….a place where I found her starving here in Panama) who I had to give up to new parents when I moved to Ecuador (you can see Zap in earlier posts).

I went to our little dog show here in Boquete recently and was amazing by the variety of pure bred dogs here…including a beautiful female Boston Terrier.  Unfortunately, she does not have a male to mate with, and besides… would cost 3 times as much as the ones in the US.   Here are some photos of the amazing dogs at the dog show…it’s a slideshow so wait and see it rotate through the fancy dogs in our little village in the third world!

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I have now moved to a condo, but I have a small back yard and I have been longing for another Boston.  Problem is, they are very rare here and hard to find.   So I’ve looked for and found a puppy near my mom’s home in Melbourne, Florida.   I plan to fly up soon and bring her back to Panama with me… should see the paperwork that has to be accomplished to do this!!!!  But it will be worth it.   Her name will be Becky (not only was this my mom’s dog’s name, but it is my great grandmother’s name and my mom’s middle name).   Here’s a photo of her at 8 weeks old.

Stay tuned for more Becky photos of our adventure getting her to Panama.


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