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2014 Begins With A Bang

WOW…who would have thought, last year this time, that my life would be turned upside down with changes on many fronts.   As my previous post explained, I’m now in permanent partnership with a wonderful man named Jim Wasson and happy as a clam.

On Christmas Eve 2013 I returned to the US to spend Christmas Day with Jim and my mom and son.   My son Paul fixed us a fabulous Christmas dinner including the BEST collard greens I’ve ever tasted.  I was soooo surprised.   It was great spending Christmas with my little family…AND, my son announced his intention to propose to his sweetheart on New Years Eve.  I couldn’t be happier…she is a wonderful woman and beautiful to boot.

Xmas Day...Jim and me with Paul and mom

Xmas Day…Jim and me with Paul and mom

There’s a fabulous country cooking restaurant near Paul’s house where we couldn’t resist their really fattening stuff for breakfast. But we were blown away when the menu one day announced Chicken Fried Bacon with Sausage Gravy Dipping Sauce.   Can you believe this photo????  We loved it!

2013 ChickenFriedBacon

Chicken Fried Bacon with Sausage Gravy

I’m always amazed when I return to the US, by the difference in life there and life in Panama.   I couldn’t help but think of Mazlow’s Hierarchy of Needs when I saw this young man at the work in the photo below.   Publix Supermarkets pays him to blow dry the shopping carts after it rains.   Only in America!  In Panama you’re lucky if you get a shopping cart that works, wet or dry!

Blow Drying a Shopping Cart!!!

Blow Drying a Shopping Cart!!!

For New Years we drove up to High Springs for a big party at the horse barn of my best friend Judi and her husband Mike, which was a big surprise to all my friends.  Mike collects and restores vintage cars, and here we are a couple of them.

2013 Car2

2013 Car1

From there we drove up to Destin, Florida to visit Jim’s son and his family.  It was the first time I’d met them and I was overwhelmed by their generous and warm welcome.   I truly feel part of Jim’s family.   Now we both know each other’s families (we both have one son…just one of the many things we have in common).  Here’s Jim’s son Chip.

father son wasson

Chip & Jim

Then, we drove back to Sorrento to continue the task of packing for the move.  The container got off with no problems, other than one new rug not getting in.  Since the container is sealed and not to be opened until it is in Panama, they had to break the seal and put the rug in…then reseal it with us there and signing for the process.

Loading the container

Loading the container

We returned to Panama together on January 14, in time for my birthday on the 20th.   Somehow it doesn’t seem like 71 is so old…I feel like a teenager experiencing the excitement of a new love.   Jim took me to a new resort at the beach for a luxury overnight…we had our own cabana with a private patio and hot tub.   Friends from the island in the photo below came over and joined us for dinner.  We lazed in the pool and had a great time, and started our year off together with a bang!

Boca Del mar

Our private hideaway on the Pacific

SuperBowl Sunday was fun….we watched the game at a dinner party with our friends and ate way too much.  But it was fun.  Jim rooted for the Broncos and I supported the SeaHawks because a friend here is from Seattle.

Jim and his son Chip

Super Bowl Sunday

That’s it for this post… you’ll be seeing more of the house and our stuff arriving on the container.   Stay tuned and have a terrific 2014!


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