Posted by: pennyinparadise | January 22, 2016

Vacation Adventure #2 – Napa Valley

NAPA VALLEY:  After leaving Marin County, we traveled north to Napa Valley.   This amazing area is full of vineyards and one winery after another.   We stayed in a great resort with delicious food and ponds with swans and mallard ducks.   Every day we ventured forth to visit wineries and the only problem we had was figuring out how to get back to Panama with all the wine we couldn’t resist buying.   Jim had never been to Napa before and we was gobsmacked by the place.  Interesting fact is that, despite the miles and miles of vines, Napa only grows 4% of the total wine output of the state of California.  It’s just the best marketed of all the areas.

Here is our photo gallery…just mouse-over the picture and the slides will progress automatically.   There will be 2 more chapters to our vacation adventures, after this one.

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