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Fun, Fun, Fun

It’s been a while since I’ve posted….so let’s catch up.

Do you think all we do here is eat?   You’re right…it’s a favorite pastime.

Big boys Jim and Bernie chow down on ribs


Lots of girl groups here get together often


A bunch of beach bums

A bunch of beach bums

My dear and long time friend, Betts Huff, came to visit in February.  It’s always fun showing first time visitors around Panama City, Casco Viejo (the old city) and the Panama Canal.  Her visit was short, but we had a ball.

Betts Huff and Penny at lunch at the American Trade Hotel in Casco Viejo

American Trade Hotel

We had some pretty strong earthquakes this year.   On April 2 at 11:54 pm there was a 5.3 quake just 15 miles away and only 5 miles deep.  Our house, which is built on columns over the mountainside, really shook.   The next day there was a 4.1 aftershock only 4 miles away and 9 miles deep.   Seems April and May are the worst times for tremblers.

The three little bubbles on the left side of this map are Boquete.

This road is nearby us here in Boquete…split by the April 2 quake.

The government has given Boquete $25 million to install our very first sewer system.  Heretofore we have all been on septic tanks.  We live far above town, so we will still be on septic, but downtown is a MESS as they tear up the roads to put in the pipes.  Estimate is 3 years to finish the project.  I don’t know how we will get through it as pot holes increase and deepen.  I want to go away for 3 years, but that isn’t going to happen!!!

It’s a real nightmare!!!

The BIG birthday bash for Jim was combined with the second annual Villa La Rosa party and golf shootout.  Our neighbor Kelly Collier won the shootout.   See last year’s photos too.

I had Jim’s cake made in the shape of his favorite brand of golf ball, nestled in the turf.

The gallery looks on.

Jim calls players to the tee…that’s our gardener in the dark shirt….Jim has lots of Panamanians learning the game.

I finally have my left arm straight in my backswing!

At the party I gave Jim his REAL present….a trip to Cuba!!


Just like The Masters, last year’s winner presented this year’s winner his prize. Panama Red Rum, of course.

Carnivale is celebrated in a big way down here in Latin America…in the US it’s called Mardi Gras.


Check out the next post for photos of our trip to Cuba….Jim’s birthday present from me.  He’s been captivated by Cuba since he was a teenager and his grandfather brought back good rum and cigars from there.   He’s finally got a chance to go.


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