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Cuban Adventure #3

So many photos that it’s taking many blog posts to get them all in….

Havana is situated on a bay with a big Spanish fort across from the city.  The bay is actually an inlet which contains 3 harbors…see map below.

Havana is situated on a huge bay that is guarded by a Spanish Fort built in the 1600’s.   The principal fort guarding the city is shown on the upper right, across the inlet from Old Havana.   Getting to the fort from the city is easy, thanks to a tunnel built just before the revolution, by a French company.   Just 2 years later Fidel took over and that was the end of major infrastructure projects in the city.

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The Parisienne dinner theater and nightclub has a fantastic show with great costumes and music.  A really must see….situated in the Hotel Nacional…Havana’s most famous hotel that was designed to look like the Breakers in Palm Beach, Florida.  (Excuse the out of focus photography)

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Of course, Cuba is a Catholic society however other religions, including Santaria (VooDoo) are tolerated.   The ubiquitous Cathedral is in the heart of Havana.

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