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Mexico – Puerto Vallarta & Bucerias

This year our vacation trip was to Mexico.   First, to Puerto Vallerta, or more accurately to Bucerias (a coastal village 10 miles north of PV).   We stayed in an ocean front condo with a lovely swimming pool, which was greatly appreciated.   Even in October PV is hotter than hell and you either have to spend mid-day inside in A/C or in the pool or ocean.

Bucerias is a quaint little village with good restaurants and shops…we had a great time.

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A couple of highlights to this first leg of our trip were:

TERI & DON MURRAY…..years ago when I first moved to Panama, I enjoyed the friendship of this couple who were world wide adventurers.   After leaving Boquete they moved to Brazil for a while and then to Orcas Island.   We lost touch in the last few years.  So Jim and I are walking down the street in Bucerias and I hear my name….and there are Don & Teri Murray just pulling away from the curb from the restaurant where they had breakfast.  YES….after all these years, on the street of a small town in Mexico, we run into each other.   I forgot they had lived here years ago and started a bakery called Pie In The Sky, which they sold to people who now have 5 stores.  If you want a fun read about some of their adventures, you can get their book PIE IN THE SKY ADVENTURES from Amazon.

Teri and Don Murray at the Marina in Bucerias

Jim and Don at favorite ExPat hangout

One day we treated ourselves to a luxury game of golf and overnight at the Four Seasons Resort and Golf at Punta Mita.   It was SO HOT that a guy came around every 3 holes with ice water neck scarfs and bottled water.   This course was designed by Jack Nicklaus and is only available to guests of the hotel or residents.   It has the ONLY naturally occurring island green on earth.

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