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Hospital Visit in Mexico

One of the first thing people have asked me when I moved to Panama, Ecuador and now Mexico, is….”Are you SAFE there?”.   My answer is always the same….”Are you SAFE there?“.

The second thing people ask is “What is the medical care like” and in Panama and Ecuador I could easily answer….”well, it’s adequate but not great”.    Now, in Mexico, I can actually say “It’s EXCELLENT”.    I  have now spent 5 days in the new (opened in August 2017) hospital MAC in San Miguel, just 4 blocks from my house.  Seems my colon has developed some lesions and this caused me to be admitted into the emergency room.   Luckily, I was able to get health insurance just 12 days before I turned 75, when I would no longer be eligible.  And, luckily, the doctor I’ve found here just happens to be the Medical Director of this new hospital.

Clean, modern, efficient….and excellent.  I had the full monte….xrays, CT Scan, Endoscopy and Colonoscopy.   All excellent.  The ambulance is operated by Cruz Rojo (Red Cross) Mexico and is FREE!!   The doctors and nurses were wonderful.   I am really, really happy to have had this experience.

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Fun things are always happening.  A huge 2 week flower show in one of the parks offers lots of plants.   Music shows abound….of all types.   And people here love their dogs…’s a little guy riding on his owner’s motor bike.

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I’ve joined the country club and was just beginning to play with some women when I ended up in the hospital.  I’ll get back on the course this coming week.

Golf Friends

I’m having Mani/Pedi appointments and this little lady sat next to me this week.  She was very experienced in this and picked out a beautiful pink polish.

This little girl was very, very accustomed to having her nails done


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