Posted by: pennyinparadise | September 1, 2018

Life in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

I cannot find words to express our joy in being here in SMA (San Miguel de Allende, Mexico).   It is totally different from Panama in many ways.   First of all, it is desert, not rainforest.   Second of all it is higher elevation (6,600 ft compared to 4,500 ft).   And it is charming, charming, charming…with tons of cultural activities, art, music and Mexico is filled with different and exciting places to visit.

I know….I know.   You are all saying MEXICO!!!   How can you live in Mexico where all the cartels and crime are?   Well, we’re not in the drug business so we aren’t part of the crime of cartels.   We exercise the same caution we used when living in Panama and in the 9 months since moving here, we have had no experience with crime.   On the contrary, we feel very safe and know the people here to be kind, courteous and easy going.   As a matter of fact, I feel much more unsafe when I visit the USA than I do in Latin America.  It was the same in Panama and Ecuador when I lived there.  Every time I tune in to American TV news (which I avoid whenever possible) I am appalled at the shootings in schools, parks and buildings there.   So when people ask “Are you safe there?” I just have to laugh.

I’ve also learned a new technology called iMovie, which will provide a more convenient way for you to see our photos….so here goes….

I haven’t had a chance to capture photos of all the art galleries, music concerts and restaurants here..I’ll do that soon so stay tuned!


  1. This looks fab. Like the golf course too. I have musician friends there and have never made it. I spent many years doing business in Tasco and Quintana Roo and have been meaning to make it there.

  2. Hi, Penny! This is Nicole and Daniel. Wish we could be with you in October! Two months back in Boquete and…we can’t WAIT to get back to SMA. We’ll see ya’ll in January!!! Hi to all our Boquete friends there.

    Much love,

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