Posted by: pennyinparadise | December 25, 2018

Mexico Update with iMovies

I’m just loving making iMovies….they make my blog posts so much more interesting than those old still photo galleries.   The first 3 below are new posts and those that follow have been here for a while.   Just click on each link to view the iMovie.

I’ll be making more, especially when we go to Ireland in late September, 2019.   After years of asking me to share his love of the Emerald Isle, I look forward to it.    From there we will fly on to Rome where we will board Holland America’s newest ship for a 10 day Mediterranean cruise with our spiritual teacher, Dr. Joe Dispenza.   The ship will visit Gibraltar, Cartegena, Sevilla, Barcelona, Monte Carlo, Marseilles and Florence before returning to Rome.   There will be lots of movies to share about this trip, to be sure.  In the meantime, enjoy the links below.


We’re living large in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

We turned 76!! – a look back as we move well into our third quarter of a century!!

Golf in Mexicoa view of a few of the courses we’ve visited

Music in Mexico – a sampling of the incredible music we have enjoyed in San Miguel

Mini-Vacations in Mexicoclips showing different places we’ve visited so far, here in Mexico





Becky The Boston Terrier – clips of Becky from her puppyhood to her new life in Mexico.


Also, I’ve made movies about our houses in Panama.





Villa La Rosa – our primary residence in Boquete, Panama, which is now ready to receive its new owner





Villa Escondidoa villa I built for my mom in Boquete, with a caregiver apartment below.   Unfortunately, mom passed away 2 weeks before we could move her here, so now it is a rental unit.

I hope you enjoy these…..and will visit the blog and share it with others.   Have a happy holiday for 2019 and please keep in touch.   We love to hear from you all.

Penny Ripple & Jim Wasson

Vagabonds at Heart






  1. Hi Penny, Glad to see you are enjoying the good life~!

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