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Return to Panama from Mexico

In January of 2020 Jim and I decided to return to Boquete, Panama from San Miguel de Allende, Mexico where we lived for over 2 years.  We decided to return to Boquete to complete construction of a 2,000 sq ft apartment downstairs.   Of course, we just got started when the LockDown occurred and we could not get more materials.  Here is a video of our return.

When we returned to Villa La Rosa and we were immediately put into LockDown for the Coronavirus.   Panama’s president reacted to the virus in early March by shutting down ALL businesses except grocery stores, pharmacies, banks and gas stations.   The road into/out of Boquete has a checkpoint with police who spray down the vehicle with antiviral and take your temperature before letting you enter Boquete.   Women are given Monday, Wednesday and Friday to shop at those 4 places sometime between 11 and 1.  Men are allowed out at the same time on Tuesday and Thursday.   Saturday and Sunday everything is closed and no one is allowed out of their houses.    Our mayor really wants zero cases before he considers it safe for us to go out.  This lockdown lasted for almost 4 months, when finally we were permitted out of our homes from 5 am to 7 pm, and hardware and auto repair businesses opened.

As of this writing, which is December 10, 2020 we are still in partial quarantine, but restaurants are open at 25%.   We still are mandated to wear masks and maintain social distancing.   Temps are taken at entrances to businesses and feet and hands disinfected.   Here in Chiriqui in western Panama we are pretty low in rt numbers, but the city has higher numbers and may be locked down for the holidays.  Liquor sales will be limited also.

Wanda and Kevin will be coming down for my birthday, which happens to be the date for the Presidential Inauguration….that should be interesting.

Penny & Jim


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